Affordable GPS Tracking for small business and personal use. Demo
GPS tracking for Windows Mobile, iDen, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones and many dedicated GPS devices.
The GPS tracking server is YOURS. Located in YOUR home or office. Total control.
No monthly fees for tracking services. Why not start your own business offering tracking services?
Follow vehicles with AVL devices or GPS cellphones and view breadCrumb maps in real-time.
Zoom out and see current locations of all server users on a map.
View a large variety of maps with almost any web browser, desktop or mobile.
Archive GPS tracking data for annual mileage tax reports, speed/location verification, etc.
Need GPS tracking in a remote area without commercial maps?  No problem. The server software easily
accomodates custom gif or jpg raster maps, as well as ESRI shape file maps.
We are happy to offer free GPS tracking accounts on our test server. Send requests to Mention
the phone or device you will use so we can send the correct  version.
Personal use only, 2 accounts max.
Breadcrumb tracks using Virtual Earth
The web pages for tracking the mobile devices are simple, yet full-featured. For fleet tracking, the page can display historical data
using the calendar to view tracks from previous days. Data is stored in simple csv files allowing administrators to build any kind of
report using Excel, and there are built-in driving and parking reports with addresses.There is a "find address" function that a dispatcher
can use to direct a lost driver.The pages are also simple enough for the first time user who just needs to see where a child is. The
server uses several different sources for maps including mapping for cellPhones. See the various web-based tracking page samples
What is needed to send a GPS report?
There are two broad categories of GPS tracking devices: single-purpose dedicated devices, and multi-purpose devices like a
cellphone with GPS. We are continuously adding support for dedicated tracking devices from many manufacturers. Here is a brief
(but incomplete)  survey of some of the hardware that will work with the server software.
Dedicated GPS hardware.  Both portable devices (personal tracking) and hard-wired devices (fleet-tracking) are included in this group.
GlobalSat TR101
Enfora GSM2218
Sanav GC-101
Wonde Proud SPT100
Multi-Purpose devices. Only the current generation of PDA's, smartPhones, and cellPhones with built-in GPS receivers are listed
here. The last generation of phones and PDA's required a seperate BlueTooth GPS receiver and worked fine but were  less convenient. We have
software for Windows Mobile, and Java software for Nextel/Boost iDen phones as well as Nokia, BlackBerry and most other GPS-enabled
phones.  The Windows Mobile software is very robust and has features like messaging, way points, upload images/audio/video to the map
pages, and route maps. It can run in invisible mode where it can only be controlled remotely via SMS. Some possible applications for this might
be stolen PDA recovery,  keeping track of employees, and many other uses. View the PDF
user manual for the Windows Mobile client. Check
out the free
 Android client
Android phones
Mobile download page
Nokia N95
Boost Mobile i425
BlackBerry 8830
Where do the GPS reports go? a Preston Systems, LLC MyTracking server, of course! You get a robust, stable server application that allows you to view maps showing
where your family, friends, or employees are located  (and we make some money!). Our competitors offer a per-asset tracking service for
which you pay a monthly fee. This is different. You buy the software once and never pay anyone a monthly fee for tracking services. The server
software runs on Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Pro, ,Windows 7, or  Windows Server 2003-2008.
TrackingTheWorld is now the
exclusive re-seller for the server software. NOTE: COMMERCIAL USE OF SOME MAP SERVICES MAY REQUIRE LICENSING

For anyone interested in testing the system, we are happy to provide an evaluation account on the test server. It's free. This will let you confirm
that your pocketpc/gps/cellphone will work as a mobile tracking device BEFORE you go to the time and expense of setting up your own server.
A test account is always the best way to learn how the system works and to see if it will work for your needs.  Email for an evaluation account. Please let us know what phone or GPS device you will use so we can send the correct
How do you see where family, friends, or employees are located?
Once you have the server installed (or you are using our free GPS tracking server), you simply use the web browser on your desktop PC,
pocket PC, smartPhone, or WAP cellphone to view the map page. The server supports a wide variety of map choices including Virtual Earth,
Google Maps, ESRI shapefiles, Google Earth, and even custom maps in gif or jpg format. The ability to track with your cellphone or PDA is
priceless. I drop an iDen i776 in my 7-year old's pocket when he goes snow skiing. When I drive to the ski area to pick him up, I can sit in my
car and use the PDA map page on my Windows smartPhone to see his tracks in real-time as he skis down the mountain to the parking lot. And
when my dog runs off (which is often), I get an SMS alert on my phone. I hop in the car, follow her tracks using my PDA, and quickly find
her. I've even tracked our turtle when we let him wander around outside in the summer. Lots of possibilites!
Tracking map samples for desktop, PDA, cell phone, and Google Earth
Google Maps is often the best choice for places with poor street maps. The example
above is Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and the satellite view works quite well.
View maps on a WAP phone
Google Earth . Great for remote areas
Track assets with your smartPhone
View detailed driving reports:
Some Thoughts on Disposable Phones for Tracking
This is an update on a review of the iDen i425 written back in 2008. The i425 is no longer
available. The least expensive handset that Boost currently offers is the i290. Our customers
have been using these iDen phones for many different GPS tracking solutions. There is plenty
of good news to report, but first the shortcommings. There are 3 that stand out: poor battery
life, insenistive GPS receiver,and the possibility that the phone will shut off due to loss of
charge or when the Boost account reaches zero balance. These can be mitigated, however, I
would not use this phone for anything "mission critical".

The good news is that this is an amazing tracking device for very little money. Current cost is
$29 for the phone, about $15 for the charger, and $10 every 3 months to keep the Boost
account alive. Our Java application has proved to be rock solid and NEVER needs a reboot or
stops working (unless you let the battery run down or let your Boost account go to zero
balance). My own tests were to connect the charger to 12v and place the phone way up inside
my dashboard. It was very hard to reach. Except for forgetting to re-Boost one time,
View the pdf docs
for the iDen java
application here.
i425 screenshot using the  
optional waypoint function.
Useful for geocachers,
finding your parked car, etc
I was able to have continuous, unlimited tracking for over 6 months with zero reboots or problems. I have had worse results with $600 dedicated
tracking devices. Like the most expensive dedicated devices, our Java app stores reports when cell coverage is lost and uploads reports when it
reconnects. It sends by time or distance. In by-distance mode, it will only send when moving plus 1 additional report when parked. I would not
use anything other than this phone as a tracking device for a vehicle...the cost is much too low to have any viable competition.
For a personal tracking device, use the i776 (or whatever Boost Mobile currently offers as their high-end model) . The battery life is MUCH better
than the cheaper models and should work continuously for at least 12 hours; long enough to give to a child for a complete day of tracking.

In summary, we have many commercial and personal users and they all have nothing but positive feedback about using this phone as a tracking
device. Parents of autistic kids, a rental car company, a property management company who also uses the walkie-talkie feature while tracking, and
many others. I would not hesitate to recommend the Boost Mobile iDen phones for almost any non mission-critical tracking solution.
Need to track your dog?                Or your turtle?
Wheaton Terrier with a collar tracker....and her tracks as she runs around the neighborhood looking for squirrels.
Other quality crafted software by Preston Systems
CamPlayer -  lets you control and see real-time video of your IP network camera using a Windows Mobile device.
Contact Preston Systems, LLC for pricing and details:

GPS tracking is not only for commercial use. There are lots of fun ways to use it. Here is a brief example of using GPS tracking for a short
trip in my smalll town. My 8 year old and I rode our bikes to the tennis courts, went to the post office, then back home:
As you can see from the directional arrows we went south, then turned right and made our first stop at the tennis courts. My Windows Mobile
phone has a built-in camera and I decided to take a photo. I then used the photo upload function of the tracking software to send the photo to
the server. This is why there is a camera icon at the tennis courts instead of the usual directional arrows. Next stop was the Post Office. That
stop is clearly identified by the red/yellow circle marker. From there we headed NE toward home.
Above we have the same path but using the satellite image instead of the road map. You can see the camera icon is inside the 2 tennis
courts and this is where I snapped my son hitting a brilliant backhand. In the above screen shot, I clicked on the camera icon to display the
popup window. The popup has some details about this GPS report as well as a thumbnail of the image I took. Additionally, the thumbnail
can be clicked to see the full sized image. The ablity to visualize tracks and add an unlimited number of photos directly to the track path
can be a fun and useful tool. This technology makes it easy to share your trips, hikes, and adventures with friends and family.
Teltonika GH1202