Mobile Video Viewer for IP Network Cameras
Use your Android, Windows Mobile, or Java phone to view your IP Network  camera in real-time.
Java (J2ME) cell phone camera player
Windows Mobile video camera player.
Android video camera player.
Tested with these cameras:
Panasonic BL-C30
D-Link DCS-5300
D-Link DCS-2100G
D-Link DCS-900

The software should work with any network camera. It uses an XML configuration file that can be
updated with  any control settings or commands needed by the camera.  Download the cab file for
here. Get the smartPhone (no touch-screen) version here.  The Android version is here.
Get the Java (J2ME) version
here.  (NOTE: the J2ME version has only been tested with an  iDen
i425 phone)


Frame rates are only about 1 per second with a GPRS connection. It is MUCH faster with WiFi. Pan,
Tilt, and I/O are supported.
QR link  to the Android download.